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Hi, and welcome to MathCancer blog. These posts discuss mathematical and computational modeling in cancer, systems biology, and tissue engineering (among other areas). All posts on this blog are related to work by Paul Macklin’s MathCancer lab.

Here are some topics you may want to look at:

BioFVM tutorials
BioFVM is an open source, cross-platform 3-D diffusion solver first published in Ghaffarizadeh et al. (2016). These
posts help walk new users and developers through the code and how to use it.
MultiCellDS (multicellular data standard) is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional project to
create a standard for multicellular data in experimental, simulation, and clinical science. We’re working towards our first public release. For now, see MultiCellDS.org.
PhysiCell (physics-based multicellular simulator) is an open source, cross-platform for
simulating 2-D and 3-D multicellular systems. We are preparing for an open source release, and blog
posts on how to use it will follow.
Macklin Lab in the News
Click to see interviews and other mentions.
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