BioFVM Tutorials

We have written a series of tutorials for new users to BioFVM, an open source 3-D (and 2-D) diffusion solver for C++ (Ghaffarizadeh et al., 2016).  They are there to walk users through various aspects of BioFVM, such as setting up g++ and writing a sample project.

Readers may also want to take a look at the original BioFVM announcement.

Getting ready to use BioFVM

  1. Setting up a 64-bit gcc environment in Windows.
  2. Setting up gcc / OpenMP on OSX (MacPorts edition)
    Note: We highly recommend using Homebrew instead. (See below).
  3. Setting up gcc / OpenMP on OSX (Homebrew edition)
    Note: This is the preferred method for Mac OSX.

Using BioFVM

  1. BioFVM warmup: 2D continuum simulation of tumor growth
  2. Saving MultiCellDS data from BioFVM
  3. Building a Cellular Automaton Model using BioFVM

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